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Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

What is A Functional Movement Screening?
FMS is an evidence-based screening instrument that helps physical therapists detect functional asymmetries and limitations in addition to muscle imbalances which may be impeding performance or place an athlete at risk for injury.

The FMS scores each movement on a 0-3 scale, with a total composite score given at the end. Our therapist are FMS certified, meaning they are experts at administering and explaining the results of your functional movement screen. In addition, our therapists can prescribe specific, functional exercises to address your imbalances.

How Long does a Functional Movement Screen Take?
The FMS can be performed in under 10 minutes and is usually part of a larger movement and sports based exam. The functional movement screen is utilized most frequently for our sports performance clients or patients who are returning to sport following an injury.

What will I learn from the FMS?
You will learn where you have asymmetries and muscular imbalances that may be putting you at risk for future injury. You will also learn how to correct these asymmetries and be provided with home exercises through our custom Upright Athlete app.