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Hip Pain Relief


Hip Pain Myths

Myth #1:  I need an MRI or surgery

FACT: Most hip pain is due to poor movement biomechanics and posture. It can be eliminated by correcting the source of the issue. Many times these movement faults are actually coming from the feet, knees and low back. An evaluation by a physical therapist will allow the specific issue to be identified and treated without the use and expense of an MRI or surgery

Myth #2: All I need is rest 

FACT: Just the opposite is true. Our bodies are made to move.  Corrective and functional movement patterns prescribed by a physical therapist will allow you to move pain free and return to the activities you love.


Our sports physical therapists are movement experts and care about the things that are important to you. Do you want to be able to pick up and play with your children? Play tennis? Run a marathon? Perform squats and deadlifts? We’re here to help you do that. 


Still not sure if physical therapy can help you? Contact us to set up a FREE  phone consultation with one of our amazing Physical Therapists to learn more about what Upright Athlete Physical Therapy can do for you.