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Knee Pain

At Upright Athlete physical therapy in Durham we know how knee pain can affect your life and keep you from the activities you love. While knee pain is very common, it can be treated without the need for and MRI, surgery or expensive pain medication. Many times, knee pain comes from a biomechanical issue either at the hip or feet, in addition to muscular tightness. At Upright Athlete Physical Therapy in Durham our physical therapists specialize in uncovering and treating the underlying cause of knee pain.

Knee pain can occur for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are over use and trauma. With most overuse injuries this is due to too much load being placed on the body without proper biomechanics. With traumatic injuries, this usually occurs during a fall or trip when the joint is placed in a suboptimal position. With both traumatic and overuse injuries it is possible to recover and return to activity.

During your evaluation, your Upright Athlete physical therapist will look at your movement patterns of your ankles, knees, hips and spine, test your strength and assess any muscles or tendons that may be irritated. Your physical therapist may use hands on techniques to reduce pain and tightness including trigger point dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, or myofascial release.

In addition, your physical therapist will provide you with a home exercise program. Your physical therapist will guide you through all of your home exercises and make sure you are performing with proper form. You will also be provided an account on our custom Upright Athlete app, which has videos and descriptions of all your home exercises.

Knee Injuries treated by our Physical Theapist in Durharm

Meniscus Injuries
Quad strain
Plica Syndrome
Ligament Sprains
Patellofemoral Syndrome
ACL strain / Post operative ACL repair
Meniscus Repair