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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

At Upright Athlete in Durham we want to make your post surgical rehabilitation as smooth and seamless as possible. We know that our patients want to get back to their sport, activity and normal life as quickly and as safely as possible. We have working relationships with surgeons from Duke, University of North Carolina, Wake-Med and Emerge Ortho, which allows us to effectively treat and guide these patients through their post surgical rehabilitation.

At your first visit your physical therapist will review any precautions and protocols with you and discuss what to expect throughout your recovery. Your physical therapist may perform appropriate evaluation measures such as swelling measurements, range of motion and strength. If you are required to use an assistive device, such as crutches, a cane or walker your therapist will guide you through correct usage and make sure you can safely manage the assistive device.

Your therapist will also provide you with home exercises and will guide you through the frequency of these. You will be provided an account on our custom Upright Athlete app which will have all of your home exercises at your fingertips.

Post surgical rehabilitation interventions may include soft tissue mobilization, scar massage, Indiba Radio Wave therapy, blood flow restriction training and corrective exercises. Your treatment will be individualized to your specific needs and goals, in addition to where you are in your recovery.

Post Surgical Conditions we treat include but are not limited to:
Rotator Cuff Repair
Bicep Tenodesis
Labral Repairs
Hip Arthroscopty
Total Hip Replacements
Total Knee Replacements
Achilles Tendon Repairs
Spinal Fusion