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Upright Athlete Testimonials

My 12 year old daughter injured her ankle playing volleyball--much to her soccer coach's dismay. The UA therapists did a great job assessing her injury and creating a treatment plan to get her back on the field (and the court) in a timely, but safe, manner. She was taught her new exercises with the goal of strengthening her ankle to prevent future injury.

Stephanie R

NFL ready for me - fitness ready for my wife! – This place is a one-stop shop for all personal training needs. Brian worked with me as I graduated from UNC and got ready for the NFL. I still come back and work with him before I need to report to summer camp. My wife has been working with his other staff members and has loved every second of it! They offer a balance that can meet any expectation and get you hitting your goals in stride.


Brian Diaz is the areas best physical therapist – I'm currently seeing Brian for back pain and I have no doubt that he will help me to get back on track again. I experienced bi lateral tendinitis in my elbows in the past. UNC and Duke doctors only wanted to do surgery. After finding Brian and going thru conservative treatments with him, my tendinitis completely healed.

Liz L

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Fusion of Personal Training and Physical Therapy a real key– I have been working as a sport medicine specialty physician at 3 different universities in my career. I have never seen anybody better at fusing together rehab and personal training than Upright Athlete does at ActivEdge.

Their skills and personality match and better anyone in the similar field. Every treatment is physiologically sound and I trust their treatment with all my patients for rehab or post rehab concerns. He knows the body and movements that bring out the best results. I highly recommend Brian and his staff without reservations.”


Helping Duke get to the National Championship! – Brian has helped several of our lacrosse players here at Duke over the past year. The players that have worked with him display tremendous agility and movement with and without the ball. They are strong and solid, yet quick and agile and are usually the better athletes on the team.

What he has done with those players has really helped our team and I can’t wait to send more players his way in the coming years. Any top-level lacrosse player in the triangle area needs to see Brian and get on a program! Thanks for all the help in getting Duke back on track for a National Championship!

— DL

PT excellence!! – I have been through several different physical therapists and none have helped me as much as the therapist here. Their patience, hands-on attention, and explanation of the injured area were superb. After 3 visits and exercises to continue with, my problem is gone!  Look no where else! Upright Athlete at ActivEdge is the place to be!

–Brooke O