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Weightlifting Analysis 

What is a weightlifting analysis?

Upright Athlete Physical Therapy in Durham offers weightlifting analysis appointments. The weightlifting analysis is a 90-minute appointment and includes a full body movement pattern and range of motion assessment, analysis of lifts with video feedback and a comprehensive home program to address deficits found during the evaluation. The weightlifting analysis is performed by Dr. Norah Whitten. Norah has over 6 years of CrossFit and weightlifting experience, in addition to specializing in treating injuries related to weightlifting and CrossFit. The weightlifting analysis can be done for any barbell movement. This includes squats, deadlifts, overhead lifts, bench press and the Olympic lifts, including snatch and clean and jerk.

Who is this weightlifting  analysis for? 

Our weightlifting analysis is for anyone wanting to improve their performance and decrease injury risk while performing barbell movements. This includes athletes utilizing weightlifting as an adjunct for sports performance in addition to competitive and recreational weightlifting athletes. Utilizing the barbell can significantly improve strength and performance, but performing these movements safely and effectively is of utmost important.

What will I do during my weightlifting  analysis appointment? 

Your appointment will start by sitting down with Norah to talk about your current training regimen, goals, past medical history and any current injuries or aches and pains you may be dealing with. Following your discussion, Norah will examine your basic movement patterns and range of motion. Finally, you will have time to perform any necessary warm up movements and then will perform your lifts of choice. You will receive feedback on your lifts through a video analysis. Based on the range of motion findings and lifting analysis Norah will provide you with a comprehensive program to perform on your own in order to improve performance and decrease injury risk.

How will I remember my home program after my weightlifting  analysis? 

We have an app for that! You will have an account created through our app, which you can then download on your smartphone or access on the web. All of your exercises will be on the app with videos, descriptions and sets and reps.

What is the first step to get a weightlifting  analysis?

Contact us today  with any questions or to schedule your session.