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What to Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Visit

Please arrive at least 5 minute early. We will provide you with a few short forms to fill out

What to Bring: 

Your insurance card (if using insurance)

Medical records if applicable, though this is not required

What to Wear:

Workout type clothes will allow you to be the most comfortable during your appointment since your therapist will be performing a movement based assessment. We have multiple restrooms and shower rooms available for use to change before and after your appointment.

What to Expect:

All physical therapy appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes. During the initial evaluation, you and your therapist will spend a few minutes discussing the nature and history of your injury. Following the discussion, a movement based assessment will be performed. Your physical therapist may also want to see you performing your specific activities such as running or lifting.  Once the movement assessment is complete your therapist will provide you with a home exercise program. Your therapist may also begin treatment the first session. Treatment may be hands-on or exercise focused depending on your specific needs.

How Will I Remember my Home Exercises?

Great question! We have an app for that! We want to make sure you are performing your home exercises correctly in order to see the best results. Our custom app has videos, sets and reps all at your finger tips. The home exercise routines can also be printed out for you to take home.

How Will I Know if My Insurance Covers Physical Therapy?

Before you leave, our office manager will provide you with the cost per visit based on your plan.  We are in-network with most major commercial insurance companies. We are a out-of-network provider with Medicare and Medicaid, but do offer physical therapy services at a discounted, out of pocket rate.