2D/3D Running Analysis

At Upright Athlete physical therapy we are excited to be one of the only Durham, NC locations to administer a 3D running analysis to help you reach your personal peak running performance. Experience the entire process of assessing a runners’ functional mobility, strength, and running biomechanics in one session! Our physical therapists appreciate that everyone has developed their own running style. It is our goal to ensure that all athletes are running as efficiently as possible while mitigating risk of injuries and maximizing performance!

Who does this help?

This is perfect for both beginners, experienced runners, and anyone in between! Whether you are just getting into running or you are an elite athlete, this analysis can be useful in correcting any deficiencies that may help reduce the risk for injury as you progress.

What is the purpose of 3D running analysis?

Our 3D running analysis program can help you prevent injury, rehabilitate from an acute or chronic injury, and help you reach optimal sports performance.

When should I do a 3D running analysis?

Our custom 3D running analysis program is very helpful before, during, or at the end of the season, or before a goal race.

Benefits of Gait Analysis

2D Analysis


3D Analysis

  • Single plane motion
  • Reliable for…
    • Cadence
    • Foot strike pattern
    • Tibial inclination
    • Knee flexion at midstance
    • Forward trunk lean
  • Multi plane motion (rotation!)
  • Greater reliability
  • Advanced reporting
  • Frame by frame analysis
  • Presents full picture
  • Reliable for…
    • Instantaneous joint angles
    • Hip and ankle tri-planar movement
    • Cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time

What To Expect: Physical Therapy Evaluation

During the first 45 minutes of your 90-minute session, we will take you through the Running Readiness Movement Screen which takes a deeper look at your overall movement, strength & stability, and foot control. These tests are designed with the movements unique to those of a runner and will give us a better idea of how to interpret the data following the run analysis.

Instant Feedback

You will only be expected to run for about 30 seconds to a 1 minute before the software generates an easy to understand report based on its detections. Instantaneous feedback will be given and can be used to cue you in or out of a certain running pattern.

What To Expect: Raw Data

What To Expect:

Following the analysis, the data collected from each trial will be converted into a complete and comprehensive 17+ page report detailing your running biomechanics. To see a sample report, click below to download the PDF.

Download Run Analysis Example PDF

What To Expect: Track Your Progress

What To Expect: Handout

What To Expect: Upright Athlete App