Custom Orthotics

At Upright Athlete physical therapy in Durham, we can build custom orthotics right here in our clinic. Our physical therapists will assess your movement, structural build, strength and range of motion and can recommend the best orthotic option for you. In addition to building custom orthotics your physical therapist will also provide corrective exercises and stretches. Custom orthotics will allow for your movement and gait to be optimized in order to allow for pain free activity.

Can I Buy Orthotics Over the Counter?

While you certainly can buy over the counter orthotics, they won’t be customized to your specific needs. A custom orthotic will last for five years and be specific to your foot. An over the counter orthotic will be prefabricated for a generic condition and may not give enough support in the areas that you need.

What if I Already Have Orthotics?

If you have already been using an over the counter orthotic Uprright Athelte Physical Theapy in Durharm can still customize the orthotic to fit your needs. Sometimes an over the counter orthotic is not enough and Uprright Athelte Physical Theapy in Durharm has the ability to add support in the necessary areas identified during the evaluation

How long does it take to make custom orthotics?

Our custom orthotic appointments with one of our Physical Therapists in Durahm are 90 minutes in length. During this time your physical therapist will talk to you about your current and past medical history, current training regime and goals. Next, your physical therapist will assess your movement, walking and running gait, strength and range of motion. Based on your specific movement and needs, your physical therapist will be able to recommend the best type of orthotic for you. Your physical therapist will have you try out the orthotic and make adjustments as necessary. Once the orthotic is fitted to your comfort and needs, all parts will be glued and heated together. If you find you need an adjustment after wearing the orthotic Our physical theapist in Durharm will have you return to the clinic and make any adjustments as necessary.