Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Upright Athlete operates their sports performance training through ActivEdge Fitness and Sports Performance. We use the most advanced principles and current theories in strength and conditioning. These training techniques are used by today’s top professional and amateur athletes in sports including soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, football, volleyball, basketball, track & field, and golf. All training is functional in nature and strategically designed to develop skills specific to the athlete’s sport. Training consists of a myriad of specialized exercises designed to safely develop strength, speed, power, quickness, reaction time, foot work, coordination, balance, and agility. Our trainers use time-tested full body movements as well as the newest researched devices and training aids. Every athlete is continually asked to challenge themselves at ActivEdge with individually tailored workout sessions based on their personal strength deficits and athletic weaknesses within their respective sports.

We our very proud to have trained athletes that have attended or are currently attending schools in nearly every NCAA Division I conference. In addition to our Division I attendees, we are lucky to help several more young athletes at numerous Division II and III schools across the country and some local Junior Colleges. We have many U.S. National Team members, Olympians, and High School and Collegiate All-Amercians. ActivEdge also has helped elite athletes in professional sports in the United States and overseas.

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